How to Protect Your Hair

18. srpna 2011 v 4:35
Hair is just like the skin, it needs constant nutrition and moisture.

Hair plays a vital role to our body. It not only can increase beauty of people but also can protect the head. It can prevent sun and cold. It is said that there are about 100,000 hair in our head. So we should pay attention to our hair and protect it well.

Care and maintenance led to the current trend perm, hair color became a beautiful symbol of women in general to catch up, but there are a lot of people's hair is becoming bad. So how to protect for hair? In fact, black hair with the basic maintenance procedures are very simple, as long as you adhere to the following methods shown in hair care, hair can slowly adjust back to the situation.

1, the right comb her hair before each time, the best take the time to comb the hair first, and then knotted part of the unlock, combing the motivation lies in the dirt and hair on the scalp of dirt, the use of comb first comb hair down.

2, the correct shampoo and conditioner can inject nutrients to the injured hair injured, so the hair can become more healthy. Therefore, the health of the hair depends on the number and types of hair. Then wash the hair is basically plays first. So, if you want to have beautiful hair you should pay attention to the methods and frequency. Her hair's time to pay attention, to take care of the scalp, hair roots, because these two places related to the health of your hair! Through the fingers to press the scalp, scalp health can increase blood circulation, of course, can increase the hair's health. And then the tail must be carefully cleaned, to make the tail hair to absorb nutrients.

3, after washing the hair you should firstly wiped with a towel, wet hair, and then pay attention to that. Do not pick up the hair dryer to blow the whole hair. Must use a towel, with the way the water squeezed soft reduction can only be dry with a hair dryer.

4, the attention of the whole matter of blowing the random use a hair dryer blowing the whole, but will make the hair more messy, so the best first before blowing the whole hair comb to open, so as to avoid the hair knot, so that the whole process of hair blowing among the injured. Blowing the whole time as short as possible to use time and distance between the hair dryer and take away some of the best, because the hair dryer is one of the causes injury.

5, for serious hair care because of random perm if your hair cause hair damage and serious, then you cast the surface of the hair or to add moisture to prevent the fork, oil hair care agent, used to enhance hair's health. Has a healthy, smooth hair is the hair root, the resulting self-confidence also.

If you want to protect your hair, please follow these instructions.

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