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18. srpna 2011 v 4:35
Diet is different in different country. As we all know, in China, the main food is rice and noodle, but in western countries, they like to eat bread and milk. But do you know clearly about the German diet, here we can learn something about the culture of Germany.

The breakfast in Germany consists of various sorts of whole meal bread, white bread, buns, butter, jam, honey, eggs, cheese, sausage, yoghurt, muesli, coffee, milk, tea and juice. German People are very informed about what they should eat but many don't have the discipline to follow proper eating habits.

This is the reason why most Germans have overweight, more than in earlier times. Their minds are pumped up with knowledge about food but most of them are unable to use it.

Coffee is more popular than beer in Germany and is drunk during the day and at work. Lunch is between 12.00 and 13.30. They drink mineral water, juice or wine and eat meat, fish, vegetables, salad, rice, potatoes, fruits, eggs and cheese.

Dinner is at 18.00 Uhr. They eat bread, butter, cheese, sausage, salad, a hot soup and they drink various teas, beer or wine. Germans have the most sorts of sausage world-wide. German meals are heavily orientated towards meat because of the hard winters in history in which more calories were needed. Germans eat the most potatoes worldwide. Pork, beef, chicken, goose and turkey hen are the most popular sorts of meat in Germany. Fish is mostly herring and salmon.

The problem that makes it difficult for Germans to eat healthy is lack of time. In modern times nowadays a working day is less structured as it was in earlier times, so there is sometimes not enough time to eat. This is caused by flexible and longer working hours. People have to eat in canteens at work and can't cook themselves or they come home late at night and are too tired or have no time to cook.

This leads to unhealthy eating habits like trying to save time buying fast food or pre-cooked meals in the supermarket.

This phenomenon can be seen everywhere, it is due to the faster pace of the society. Everything is developing, which results the convenient food for people. When we learn a country's diet, we have to learn more from its culture and all relative aspects. If we do like this, we can get a deeper cognition about the people, the custom in the country.


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