When Looking at Tera Gold Long Message at the Sensation of Movement

23. září 2011 v 3:50 | CHEER
However, after a few days, just like Tera Gold I said will when there are several boys in after her. I say you promised? She said no, but President after the crazy, also say to send her this give her that, what the task was to help her very easily finish. I shouted to withdraw when shooting star, but when differences are in that said elder brother, don't want to retreat. And then, they will meet meeting, held in Shanghai what! President is near.

When to, this period some days after we didn't find a month invited me to go to their wedding banquet. I was surprised, meteor is dumbfounded. When I told said a lot, network is not credible so many, but... When I work from the place is very close, but I never promised to an invitation to meet when. Look at her face is like the look of happiness to go to Shanghai and President, I only wish she married.

A month later she again looking for me to talk to me is, when I call on that. "Christine, I good regrets, he has no game like that perfect, he bad for me, I miss you, I want to go". But, can I say if when I went to see you, tell you he is bad, you wouldn't be so pain? Also, can I say if we had I can make meteor keep you, you won't choose he won't feel not happiness? Good after long period of time, are looking at each other in the space, the photo album of QQ diary, the message, see each other again. When looking at meteors long a message, looking at the sensation of movement in the space meteor series is full of his figure. "Christine, has been thinking of me meteor?

Why didn't say with Tera Gold? Why". "Meteor just don't want to your relationship to so quickly so unreal, emotional need time need to realize network need stability is not? Look at when I leave a message for several times, have a sense of whether really era!!!!! Its own as friends give word is not enough, concerned about not enough, let her injured! Every time I see her online I kind of feel afraid of her troubles, feeling and she shall cry.

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