A Lot of Playing WoW Gold Friends Will Experience Some Small

19. října 2011 v 10:44 | WoW Gold

Write here, suddenly remind of had ever seen a son, a trade union in RS Gold, a league members have evening off, said the evening want to and just understanding girlfriend establish "relations', much at 8 o 'clock again, they suddenly great surprise, so quick finished? And he said, well, we also think of the first, to come. After that is not late. (laughs)

Open after 70, many friends because school and life, and sell the number AFK. I also take a friend from 5 to 8 area area turn F zarate zain, stayed in the firm F after half a year, also set up their own union, the trade union has always been a small trade union, only one group, because I don't want to get very big, big to then the union a lot of people do not know. 3.0 just opened last year, in the fall of, get through the SW.

The team is looking for everyone I of friends, friends of friends or is introduced, and no from outside received an individual, and the team members is always in 35 people less than. You're fun, I also very of dedication to for this team, for all of us to create some things. Because I know, my WOW will soon end, play this several years, also lost a lot of things, I have to go back, also have to back.

But as WLK than was a stretch, zarate zain FWQ environment is bad, and I waited all members of the advice, decided to take you turn F, came back that I am familiar with five district, but FWQ replaced LaXiM method. Until today.

After FB tonight, a league member M I said, she wanted to turn back to 8 F area, I ask why, she said the team has a person always want her to let equipment, very vexed, and is used up all ideals, almost to playing FB to M with her, or is in a small team tell her, she can't bear. I ask: that man is not SW graduated? (in fact now is basic are in only poor lump 1-2 parts of which), she said, yes, he's the equipment many are I make, I don't want to DKP top, but come down for a long time is really bother?

Maybe this is just a lot of playing WOW friends will experience some small, and it's no big deal. But I know that this event, but think of a lot. Don't know why I thought in the 5 before every day and night after night.

I'm not exactly sure why I come to the strong wind surge for such a thing and exhausted. Tired, is the heart is tired.

Next CD after, I will completely leave Cheap Tera Gold. The team set up soon, officials said to me, cat, if one day you are not in the team, the trade union must also go not go down. At this sentence, I gave up the reality of millions of business, to accompany you, I lost is not only these, many things can not is use words to describe. But I think, happy that money can't buy, as long as everybody together, happy is already very important. But, I... Now, feel a tiny bit of happiness.

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