In the Wild PK I Can be Proud of MapleStory Mesos

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In the wild PK, I can be proud of WOW Gold, and said, we have not lost, whether singles or team to PK, in a copy of the schedules, should also be able to row 4, early in the top copy of the progress can still, but to the guild, NAXX ZhuLiTuan also began some has been slowly withdraw from the guild (as for the reason I also not be very clear), cause we in cultivated NAXX, took a month off, but we're also not give up, then the guild is growing, should be open to 3 regiments, copy is good. More progress

Later, with effort, finally we keep up with progress when off four DK when off ice dragon, at this moment, our guild has arranged to the second (I estimate), at this time, the official server to open new expansion, that is, our biggest wish TBC hasn't realize is that when off kelthuzad, maybe god also help us, in in TBC, the last day of our guild in 1 p.m., when the vanquished 3 major league central, six o 'clock at night in order to our wishes, we enter the NAXX, we hope we have no regret, to 9 p.m. or so we when off the last BOSS kelthuzad, I also got the guild's third T3 set (inside is the first in a thief).

WOW we come back, looking back for 4 years, we got what? Lost??????? In WOW, we're more self-restraint or temper? Little some impetuous or the patient? WOW gave us a lot of enlightenment, we are indulged generation, but not collapse generation, we determined to those of polite experts professors say not!!!!! But not because of their export insolently since the identity of the lost its relative abuse!!!!! We were caught up, because we have a noble soul, no matter alliance or the horde! We were caught up, because the noble we and the WOW hero resonate!!!!! WOW, although back from our WLK still far away from, but the light with us forever!!!!!

I want to thank a group of efforts of the friends and MapleStory Mesos, they are: techniques, and was buried snow, dark wind, and three quarter kashi cow, three quarter of rice straw, and aram kashi lots Molly Mr West, snow of winter, little brother yiren, even the soul, restart, shell, water small demon, still have a lot of MapleStory Mesos.

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