You Were Too Numerous to Record the Shameless RS Gold

10. října 2011 v 9:26 | Shamele

I take the LR number and your friends with RS Gold, the brush SW I habitual to feign death misleading, to you again all the psychological shadow brush, but so all right, leaving you psychological shadow, at least in the later I leave WOW day, whenever you see SW small strange, think of have I kill god flurry such a man. Shadow, the sea, fish elder brother, I will always remember, the Beijing party, will remember us together in the Internet bar, fish out the trade union at the first main hand egg knife expression, her for a minute and a half stunned, then suddenly out 1 "NB" at that time to give him a call, suddenly so scared I stare blankly (if later I found out the heart have what problem, you should take full responsibility for). Fish elder brother, I have the opportunity, I have to run again over for you personally do dishes, fry sauce noodles, tomatoes, now think the flank stew, I'm in the mouth water?

Rogue, TieGu, remember? We three shaman once slogan: "the black this to the end because of the slogan ShouHei shadow every time the responsibility on to our head, and our cause ah.

Big J, you were too numerous to record the shameless can. The somebody else visual temptation forever of pain is not main hand egg knife, you get to go after somebody else slouching around every day before-- ! And shadow, family big J to swing line, also at least he's a DZ, you said you a ZS, also to stimulate the somebody else, can you do?

In fact, most can let me remember in heart of the moment is in the May 10, 2009 at 8 PM, when shadow has to say what he is tired, want to AFK, I suddenly feel the whole people and a lot of more relaxed, but more is very frustrated, shadow, the old iron, the sea, and the crazy songs, not fly, flurry, green elder sister, baby, big F, bamboo, the darling, purple porch, Lord, 13 familiar names, 13 in the eight months to struggle together companion in arms. Actually think carefully, and maybe the shadow said to, now we have no to WOW appeal, make we always here to hold on to reason, is everyone in between the a friendship, even brothers and sisters of the affection between.

That night I cry, since I was 16 years old from MapleStory Mesos, in my memory I only cry twice, once I at the age of 16, because her away, and that I swear, within a decade, in addition to her, I will never love others, now, I have to hold my promise. And this time, it's the second time I tears, and make the life of the second oath: "I will always in azeroth, stick to the continent in 9 of the phoenix area, waiting for your return god. Even if one day, BEST remain I a person, I will stay at BEST trade unions and other back, because you here with us to pay their own youth and passion.

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